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At last – finance for sub-contractors who make Applications for Payments and maybe suffer CIS deductions!

Just like invoice discounting and factoring we have funders who will help sub-contractors with their cash-flow.

How many times have you been “subby-bashed” ?

We have access to experts who will be on your side when it comes to extracting cash from your customers.

High Street banks don’t like getting involved with sub-contractors – especially when there are stage payments and CIS.

We have access to funders who can help in this specific area!

Contact us and we can match a funder to help you get through your 30 or 60 or 90 day wait for your customers to pay – You’ll be able to access up to 80% (nett of CIS) within 24 hours of raising the invoice!

Interested?  We’ll explain all – and at no cost to you


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